The Banyan Treehouse by Rockefeller Partners Architects
My Bta tattoo (Taken with instagram)

Model - DJ Krystal Roxx
Photographer - Martin Higgs
Make-Up - Me
Alternative Beauty! This is an image from my earlier days as a Make-Up Artist. This look reminds me of the film ‘Clockwork Orange’… One of the other shots from the shoot is very similar to one of the stills from the movie. It wasn’t the inspiration for this creation, but it does remind me of it.
I bought the zip from a haberdashery market stall. I used Spirit Gum to adhere the zip to Krystals face. I took particular care when applying the glue, to avoid specific areas were there is more vellus hair, such as above the top lip and below the bottom one. A tip is to apply vaseline to these areas so the glue doesn’t stick to it. I tacked the zip on by only gluing the two edges. And I used the correct remover when taking this off Krystals face, to prevent the hard glue removing any tiny hairs.
Check out DJ Krystal Roxx via her website! You can click the link via the top right of the image.

Hyakudanen Garden @ Awaji, Hyogo

The very first Bus Rapid Transit system was implemented in Brazil, but even the Aussies have got one now. Check out 5 cities with BRT.

David Cartier’s homestead in the Yukon Territory, Canada:

One beautiful clear night last week, at our new place near the Yukon River about 30 km. east of Whitehorse. The great thing about having my job evaporate into thin air was that we were able to move out of town to this nice, quiet place where the only traffic we ever see is the occasional passing of a neighbor’s dog team. In the foreground at left is the wood fired sauna/bath house I just finished building, an absolute high priority essential for living in a place without running water.

A new public art piece, titled “Manifest Destiny,” has just been installed four stories above ground, attached to the side of the Hotel Des Arts (447 Bush Street). It’s the work of San Francisco architect Jenny Chapman and Brooklyn artist Mark Reigelman, and was the winning proposal for a grant from the arts org Southern Exposure.
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